The History of May Day Hospital

Welcome to the Friends of Mayday Hospital website. This site is published as a little bit of local history for us buffs who are interested. It lists information about the old hospital and the "new" hospital.

Mayday Health care NHS Trust was formed in 1993 and provides acute health services for the people of Croydon and its neighboring areas. Croydon is London's largest borough (of around 336,000) and has a transient, relatively young population with a high level of ethnic diversity. In 2005/06 the Trust had a turnover of £161million, over 3,000 employees, and a strong local identity with the population of Croydon. Read History.

In July 2005 the Trust was awarded the highest rating of three stars in the Health care Commission's annual performance ratings. It also won the Health Services Journal "Acute Health care Organisation of the Year" and the "Employer of the Year" in the Best of Business Awards.

The Hospital's services are delivered from four sites
Mayday University Hospital is a District General Hospital (with 45 day case beds) and a 24 hour Accident & Emergency Department. The hospital is based on a 19 acre site in Thornton Heath and the earliest buildings date from 1885. The most recent large building project was the new Jubilee Wing, opened in December 2004. read more on the Hospital facilities.

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Whats New

The old May Day hospital is now part of the Welcome to Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. It used to form part of the The Croydon Primary Care Trust commissions hospital services operating once upon a time from Mayday University Hospital.

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